In addition to parish missions we offer the following programs.

Fr. John AnglinRetreats for Religious & Priests

  Various members of our team are available to travel to your location to present preached retreats to diocesanclergy as well as religious communities of men and women. These retreats generally last from five to seven days and are adapted to the needs of the paritulcar group that we are serving. We ask a reasonable stipend, in keeping with the means of the community and the length of the retreat.


Days and Evenings of Reflection/Renewal

    Our team is also available to come to your parish/convent or other location for a day of recollection.   This can be a great follow-up to a parish mission, or a day of renewal for a religious community.  A reasonable stipend is requested.

Specialized  Programs

    Different members of our team are willing to offer their services for various types of specialized retreats and workshops--twelve-step retreats, men's retreats, programs for married couples, workshops on preaching, etc.  Please contact us at our various locations for more information.

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