The Parish Mission or Retreat


A  three day program  which consists of a morning or midday Mass with preaching, and an evening service of the Word. The team arrives on Saturday afternoon to preach an invitational homily at all weekend liturgies prior to the mission/retreat. In addition to the   preaching events, the team is also open to the possibility of visiting the shut-ins of the parish and conducting sessions with the students in the school and/or religious education program. About two months prior to the mission a team member, either in person, or by phone, will meet with the parish staff to work out the details of the program.


One or two members of the team, depending on the size and needs of the parish, will preach the mission/retreat.

  • Overall spiritual renewal of the parish.

  • Preparation for the coming millennium/jubilee.

  • Return of alienated Catholics.

  • Healing of hurts and divisions.

  • Individual forgiveness/healing.

  • To instill a spirit of evangelization/mission in the parish.


We charge no fee or stipend. Instead we take a free will offering (collection) on the final day of the mission/retreat.

Please Contact us if you would like to schedule a Parish Mission
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