You may request more information about our ministry by contacting us at one of the locations listed below. You may call, write fax, or e-mail us. If you would to schedule a mission or retreat, please Contact us and fill out the form which appears on the screen.

*--indicates Spanish speaker.  **--indicates Portuguese speaker

Spiritual Life Centers

Holy Peace Friary  
Mt. Iranaeus
West Clarksville, NY
585 973-2470 FAX: 585-973-2400
Fr. Daniel Riley O.F.M
Bro. Joseph Kotula, OFM
Fr. Louis McCormick, OFM

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Franciscan Center
613 Kimberly Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27408-5198
336-379-7568 FAX:336-379-7568
Fr. Louis Canino, O.F.M

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